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Essential Oils

Essential Oil BottlesWholesale Essential Oils Ltd. offers over one hundred 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils, in sizes from 1 ounce to 1 kilogram, plus sample sizes of each. Sample sizes range from .25ml to .75ml (usually 10 to 30 drops, depending on the viscosity of the oil), with the volume depending on oil cost per milliliter. A sample of Rose Otto, for example, will be approximately .25ml, and, say, Blue Gum Eucalyptus is about .75ml.

You'll find most of our oils are either wildcrafted or from organic sources. This is noted in the oil's description. All of our oils are from unsprayed plant sources, and are suitable for all aromatherapy applications. Note, too, that we offer many CO2 oil extracts, sometimes exclusively where we believe the CO2 to be a better choice than the steam distilled type (Read more about the CO2 distillation process here),and in several cases, we offer both CO2 and steam distilled.

Every one of our oils has been carefully selected after sampling many oils from each variety over the years. Experienced customers have remarked about the oils offered on this site that they are the overall finest essential oils they've ever used. Our customers have told us they've found our oils even better than much more expensive brands, as well as those offered by network marketing companies. 

We're sure you'll agree about our quality! If you're not familiar with one or more of our oils, we highly recommend trying a sample size. If you're not familiar with an essential oil, we do recommend trying a sample - however, if you're buying an oil you're familiar with, we're confident you'll enjoy your purchase from us.