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100% Pure Rosalina essential oil, also known as 'Lavender Tea Tree' or simply by its botanical name 'Melaleuca ericifolia'. Direct from an exceptional distiller in Australia, this is the gentler form of Tea Tree ~ an excellent choice for children and those seeking an antimicrobial oil with a softer aroma.


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Botanical Name: Melaleuca ericifolia
Country of Origin: Australia
Plant Part: Leaves
Distillation Method: Steam
Cultivation: Naturally Grown

RosalinaAbout the Oil

Also known as 'Swamp Paperbark', a rapidly growing cousin of the Tea tree, the Rosalina tree reaches a short height of just 9 meters and is native to costal areas of Australia.

This Rosalina oil is steam distilled from the leaves of trees naturally grown in Australia.

Aromatherapy Notes

This Rosalina oil has top notes of mint, lemon and other citrus fruit, middle notes of camphor and eucalyptus with undertones of light and mildly sweet wildflower honey.

Traditional Uses

Rosalina oil has been used by the aboriginal tribes of Australia for its antibacterial properties and is extremely effective both topically and via inhalation.

Therapeutic Properties Described In The Aromatherapy Literature

Antibacterial, Antifungal, Antiseptic, Expectorant.

Rosalina contains a significant quantity of Linalool, (also found in Lavender and Tea Tree essential oil). Linalool is known for both its soothing, calming effects, and its strong antimicrobial properties.

Immune System

  • Supportive for conditions of herpes infections, fungal infections and bacterial infections

Respiratory System

  • Clears head and chest congestion
  • Clears most respiratory infections (bacterial, viral and fungal)

Integumentary System

  • Preferred over Tea Tree oil for a children's topical antiseptic (softer aroma and is more gentle on the skin)
  • Useful for cases of acne


  • Psycho-spiritual calming and grounding
Application and Use


  • Dilute in water for a mouth rinse or for use on sensitive areas
  • Apply directly to cuts and scrapes; many aromatherapists recommend Rosalina over the usual 50/50 blend of Tea Tree and Lavender for use as an antiseptic on children
  • It can be applied 'neat' to treat acne, or diluted in Hazelnut oil if the skin is more sensitive (being mildly astringent, Hazelnut will not exacerbate oily skin conditions)
  • A massage of the upper chest with a massage oil dilution (5%) in any carrier, or using a higher concentration on the balls and tops of the feet may be effective for respiratory congestion


  • The gentle aroma of Rosalina can be diffused or inhaled directly to break up and clear out congestion in the chest and lungs


  • 1-3 drops in a 10% dilution ratio of water or juice
Safety Rosalina essential oil is non-toxic, a non-irritant and generally non-sensitizing. It is always a good idea to test a small area of skin before liberal application. If pregnant or unsure about ingestion of any essential oil, consultation with a physician is recommended.